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October 30 2014


Pay Per View Traffic Ad Network Review - Clicksor Contextual Online Advertising

Do you face the identical problem? You may spend a few hundred dollars in pay-per-click advertising without the conversion. If you are the one like this, you need to try one of the largest Pay-Per-View Traffic Ad Networks: Clicksor.

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Clicksor utilizes artificially contextual and URL targeting technology to define and understand content rich websites and match the Pay-Per-View advertisement with targeted URL and keywords.

Why super affiliates and clickbank millionaires choose Clicksor PPV Traffic his or her first priority

Clicksor recognizes the need of generating maximum returns for your marketing efforts by reaching the specific groups of audiences for super affiliate and clickbank millionaires. Here are the most beneficial highlights of the PPV campaign:

- All publishers' websites that qualify to sign up with our Clicksor publisher program will receive a JavaScript ad code to put onto their websites. Clicksor's ad code has the ability to scan through all the content from the publishers' websites to know the topics in the content. Then Clicksor's system selects appropriate keywords through the content for matching.

- When advertisers create PPV campaigns with Clicksor's advertiser account, they target keywords, channels and URLs that are related to advertisers' products/services. For example, a travel agency would target keywords of visiting Paris, sightseeing, cruises deal, etc within the campaign.

- Clicksor's Pay-Per-View system automatically matches advertisers' targeted keywords to relevant publishers' websites. Therefore, their ads are just displayed on related publishers' websites when their targeted keywords are normally found within the content. Those targeted visitors are likely to react on ads, which becomes leads or sales.

Pay-Per-View Statistics

About 26% of the super affiliates said they currently rely on PPV traffic to help them for lead generation and grow their CPA revenue, and 39% of which plan to test Pay-Per-View campaign in the next 12 months, according to a PPV Association-sponsored survey. PPV Association-sponsored survey also found that only 12% of CPA affiliates said they may have no intends to begin to use pay-per-view traffic.

Additional findings from the survey

- Affiliates who spend more than $ten thousand are likely to use PPV traffic than newer, smaller affiliates.

- Affiliates view cost, fast response and measurability as the most benefits supplied by PPV Ad Networks.

- PPV Traffic Advertising accounts for about 20-38% in the total CPA promotion budget for affiliates who have used it.

- About 79% of current affiliates are pleased with their pay per view campaign.

- Ringtone, work and Weightloss from home campaigns would be the most regularly used PPV advertising.

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